VETMED was recently featured in PHOENIX Magazine, in an article highlighting the hospital’s expansion, which adds heart disease and cancer to the already expansive list of animal maladies our team can treat. Take a look as cardiologist Dr. Matt Miller and Dr. Arch Robertson discuss the equipment and procedures being used to treat heart conditions and cancer. Read the full.. read more →

By Krystal Harris, DVM Grading – 3-Tier Patnaik vs. 2-tier Kiupel For many years, veterinary pathologists have relied on the Patnaik 3-tier grading system for cutaneous MCTs. When this system was published each tumor grade was associated with a distinct survival curve (Figure 1, Patnaik 1984). In recent studies an increased number of tumors are being.. read more →

By Krystal Harris, DVM Background As our pets age, they commonly develop lumps and bumps both on their skin and just under their skin. Some of these growths may be harmless, but how do you know which ones are safe and which ones may not be? Dogs and cats can develop many different types of skin.. read more →