This holiday season, remember to make pet safety one of your top priorities. To prevent a stressful experience for yourself and your furry best friend, take a look at our holiday pet safety tips below. read more →

Thanksgiving is almost here! While we’re excited about the delicious feast and family gatherings, we also want to remind you of potential hazards to be aware of to keep your pets safe. Refer to our Thanksgiving Pet Safety flyer to avoid any fowl play on turkey day. read more →

Between the masks, scary costumes, and lots of chocolate, Halloween fun can sometimes lead to an unexpected trip to the vet. All of us at VetMED want you and your family to be able to enjoy the day without the stress of a vet visit. Here are some helpful tips to help your family enjoy.. read more →

We are working around the clock to care for your pets. Your pet means the world to us and we pour our heart and soul into helping animals. We invite you to take an inside look at what’s currently happening behind the scenes at our hospital. Friendly reminder: If your pet is not experiencing a.. read more →

Witnessing a seizure in your pet can induce fear and uncertainty. You likely feel panicked, scared, or helpless, but learning more about this condition, the signs to look for, and how you can help your seizing pet may ease your anxiety—and your pet’s.  What causes seizures in pets? In general, seizures occur because of a.. read more →