Dog parks provide several perks to dogs and pet parents alike including physical and mental exercise for your pet, good socialization opportunities to help maintain your dog’s good natured temperament, and fun for pet parents through socialization with other like-minded pet owners. But with these valuable benefits, also come several worries. Dog parks can pose.. read more →

Being out and about is much more fun with the company of our four-legged friends, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite spots across the Valley that welcome leashed pets. From restaurants and bars that offer water bowls and free treats, to the stores that gladly open their doors to our fur.. read more →

Most pet owners recognize the obvious signs of a pet in distress, however oftentimes some signs of serious issues can be subtle. Each pet is different and expresses pain or discomfort in its own way. Whether your pet has been exposed to a toxin, been stung or bit by an insect, suffered an accident, or.. read more →

By Krystal Harris, DVM Background As our pets age, they commonly develop lumps and bumps both on their skin and just under their skin. Some of these growths may be harmless, but how do you know which ones are safe and which ones may not be? Dogs and cats can develop many different types of skin.. read more →

The first rule of thumb when heading out for a hike, camping trip, or outdoor adventure with your pet is to always put safety first. Be prepared with the following information. If you’re hiking in extreme temperatures such as Arizona’s hot summers, invest in a pair of booties to protect your pet’s feet from burns,.. read more →

By Dr. A. Nichole Hooper, DVM Acquired Fanconi Syndrome Fanconi syndrome is a kidney defect that can result in loss of glucose, amino acids, bicarbonate, potassium and other molecules in the urine. Most documented reports of this form of kidney disease are those of dogs with inherited Fanconi syndrome. For example, Basenji dogs are one.. read more →

It’s a time to celebrate the special bond we share with our cherished animals. This month, we encourage you to spread the love with these 4 simple suggestions… Promote responsible pet ownership Support pet adoption Arizona Golden Rescue Arizona Humane Society Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy Increase awareness of services available to pet owners Celebrate working companion animals and the important role.. read more →

From the Emergency Service Team at VETMED Approximately 300,000 dogs and cats are bitten by venomous snakes each year in the US, and prevention, protection, and treatment are key. Rattlesnake venom can cause serious injury and even death to pets. Most cases are reported during the warmer seasons, although here in Arizona they are reported and.. read more →

Just as your primary care doctor might send you to a specialist to address a very specific issue or for a specialized test, your family veterinarian may require the assistance of a veterinary specialist to diagnose and treat certain conditions in your pet. Internal Medicine Veterinary Specialists, or internists, bring a greater understanding in treating.. read more →

It’s amazing what looks appetizing to some animals. Here are 10 shocking foreign bodies found by various veterinarians across the nation. 1. Toy Fairy Wand Pip’s owner Ashleigh Fisher was alarmed after noticing the five-month-old whippet had something lodged in her throat. X-rays showed a toy fairy wand stretched all the way from the little.. read more →