We have two new internists joining Jonathan Schnier, DVM, DACVIM and Kristi Sluiter, DVM, DACVIM in our internal medicine department. Click “Learn More” to get to know them!

Dr. Genna Atiee and Dr. Janet Bailey bring a wealth of experience and advanced training to VETMED, and we are excited to see our internal medicine service further expand with their arrival.

Genna (Fishgold) Atiee, DVM, DACVIM

Janet K. Bailey, DVM, DACVIM











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What is an Internist?

The term “internist” might sound vague. An inside of the body specialist? What does that mean?

A board-certified internist is a veterinarian that has completed additional training, testing, and research beyond their DVM degree in the field of internal medicine. They specialize in diagnosing and managing symptoms and diseases (often chronic) that impact the body’s internal structures.Internists often act as “detectives” of the veterinary world, and if a pet presents with a variety of uncomfortable digestive or respiratory symptoms, an internist is tasked with diagnosing the source using advanced diagnostic equipment like ultrasound and endoscopy.

Your family veterinarian will know when an internist’s expert attention is needed for your pet. If your pet is experiencing concerning symptoms and a confirmed diagnosis has been difficult, ask your veterinarian about a referral to an internist at VETMED.