Tips for a Safe, COOL Summer

It’s HOT HOT HOT in Southern Arizona this time of year, and you may be thinking of ways to keep cool with your pet. Be sure to keep the following pet safety tips in mind as you seek some relief from the heat.

Pool and Lake Safety

Not all dogs are naturally good swimmers (and especially not cats). Certain breeds like bulldogs are even at risk of drowning if not closely monitored. Until you know your pet’s swimming abilities, always closely observe your pet in the water and even invest in a doggie life jacket to be safe. Certain injuries, medical conditions, or age can impact your pet’s ability to safely swim or navigate the pool area, so even if your dog seemed to be part fish during his last dip, things could be different this time around.  

Camping Safety

Heading to Northern Arizona for a weekend camping trip to escape the heat? Be sure to pack the essentials for a safe adventure. Always bring a doggy water bottle and don’t forget the tweezers should your pet come into contact with a cactus. Monitor your pet closely around pine trees, as if ingested, pine needles can cause intestinal blockage or even perforation that requires medical attention. Keep toxic materials like propane and insecticides safely out of reach, and never leave your pet unattended around an open flame or hot cookware.

Roadtrip Safety

Wherever you’re headed, we hope it’s nice and cool! Though your intentions may be cold water and a warm breeze, be sure to consider heatstroke prevention en route. Never leave your pet in the car on a hot or warm day, even in the shade or with the windows open. A car acts like an oven and within just 10 minutes, it could reach fatally high temperatures on warm days. If you must make a pit stop along the way, be sure to have a harness or carrier handy so you can bring your pet inside with you. You should also test the pavement to ensure it’s not too hot for your pet. If you place the back of your hand on the surface and can’t hold it there for 10 seconds without feeling the burn, it’s too hot for your pet’s sensitive paws!