VETMED is proud to share that we were recently featured in the September issue of Scottsdale Lifestyle! We’re so thankful for the opportunity to show off our wonderfully talented team in the article titled VETMED: A Team of Heroes, Sometimes it Takes More than One.

VETMED - Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine Feature

“It wasn’t that long ago that I had my own personal experience with the VETMED heroes,” says article author Moriah Schowengerdt. “One night while playing with our 9-month-old English bulldog, Thor, he jumped for a toy and landed with a thud. His slow movement getting up told us something was very wrong with his back left leg. Because it was after normal vet hours, my husband and I looked up emergency vet care nearby. VETMED was at the top of the list. We rushed him over and they took him right in.

The next morning our local veterinarian was informed of what happened and she highly recommended the care that the doctors at VETMED would offer Thor. After talking with VETMED surgeon Dr. Stephanie Foote, we gave Thor a week in a splint to see how he would progress. A week later, Foote assessed his leg again only to find that the surgery was going to be necessary.”

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