It’s amazing what looks appetizing to some animals. Here are 10 shocking foreign bodies found by various veterinarians across the nation.

1. Toy Fairy Wand

shocking foreign bodies - toy fairy wand

Pip’s owner Ashleigh Fisher was alarmed after noticing the five-month-old whippet had something lodged in her throat. X-rays showed a toy fairy wand stretched all the way from the little dog’s throat right into her stomach.

2. Baby Bottle Nipples

shocking foreign bodies - baby bottle nipples

 A 4-month-old golden retriever ate 10 baby bottle nipples. Found by Dr. Melissa Seavey, Healthy Paws Veterinary Center in Westborough, Mass.

3. Nine Hand Balls

shocking foreign bodies - billiard balls

This dog was presented for lameness in a hind leg, and while taking radiographs looking for musculoskeletal abnormalities, nine handballs were discovered. Found by Vanessa Hawksin, DVM of Bayshore Animal Hospital in Warrenton, Ore.

4. Fishing Pole

shocking foreign bodies - fishing pole

This six-month old Labrador puppy was brought in for stomach issues, and doctors discovered he’d swallowed his owner’s fishing pole. Found by Dr. Gary Sloniker of Spooner Veterinary Clinic.

5. False Teeth

shocking foreign bodies - false teeth

Prince Edward, a 9-year-old bulldog, ate his owner’s false teeth when he found them in a bowl that had ice cream in it. The teeth were returned to the owner and she is smiling again! Discovered by Patti Klein Manke, DVM of Woodstock Veterinary Clinic in Woodstock, N.Y.

6. Pile of Rocks

shocking foreign bodies - rocks

After doctors discovered rocks in this 20-week old Labrador puppy, surgeons removed a whopping 85 limestone rocks that came from the owner’s driveway. Surgery performed by Dennie M. Bassham, DVM.

7. Peanut Butter & Spoon

shocking foreign bodies - spoon

The owner was feeding peanut butter off a spoon to her Alaskan malamute, who gulped down more than just its treat. The rads also show a piece of a collar and a toy the dog had eaten earlier (totally unrelated to the spoon incident). Discovered by Stephen Crosby, CVT, VTS of New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in New Haven, Conn.

8. Rubber Ducky

shocking foreign bodies - rubber ducky

After becoming slow and lethargic, the owners of six year old Spike, a Patterdale terrier, brought him to a nearby veterinarian. X-rays showed that he had swallowed a rubber duck.

9. Training Collar

shocking foreign bodies - training collar

A 6-month-old bulldog, Tinkerbell, ate a training collar off another bulldog in their house.  The owners had no idea until she ate a second metal slip collar and then proceeded to become seriously ill.  Doctors at Suburbia North Animal Hospital were surprised to find two slip collars in her stomach.

10. Eight-Inch Wrench

shocking foreign bodies - wrench

Radiographs of this one-year old Mastiff revealed a large metallic foreign body along with another metallic foreign body. Surgery was performed, and an eight-inch metallic ratchet wrench was removed along with the separated ratchet pieces. Doctors included: Barry A. Lissman, DVM; John Corso, DVM; Howard Camay, DVM; and Joseph Palmeri, DVM of Sachem Animal Hospital.